Polish Voice-Over Recording Samples

Polish language

Voice Samples

The following are some voice-over samples of our male and female voices in Polish. Click on a link to hear the track.

Play!  (45 sec.) - Marek Sample 1

Play!  (23 sec.) - Marek Sample 2

Play!  (17 sec.) - Monika - Radio Commercial

Play!  (24 sec.) - Tomasz - Announcement

Play!  (27 sec.) - Anna - Narration

Play!  I Like You (Lubię Cię)

Play!   Good Morning (Dzień Dobry)

Play!  Hi! (Cześć!)

Play!   Thank You (Dziękuję)

Play!   Sorry (Przepraszam)

Play!   How Are You? (Jak się masz?)