Learning to Speak and Writing in Polish Can Be Fun!

Polish language


What languages do you work in?

We specialize in translation and voice recording from English to Polish and Polish to English only.

Whom do you direct your services to?

We can satisfy the needs of both individual and corporate clients who seek the highest quality voice-over and translation service in the Polish language.

I want to learn Polish quickly. What is the procedure and how can you help?

The active learning process we offer is customized to the needs of every individual client. Learning a foreign language is a long and demanding task and people are usually looking for learning some basic phrases for personal every day communication. This does not assure and extend the knowledge of the foreign language beyond some very common general statements about daily life activities. This could probably be done in a few weeks. If, however, you are looking for communicating with a group of engineers on a more professional/business level, for example, unless you are really linguistically talented, it will rather be hard to accomplish within a couple of weeks.

We work over the Internet and are available most of the time for written questions; you can expect a response in less than an hour, which usually means immediately. Recording is performed once a day, so the results are available in the evening or on the next day.

Since there is no standard program we run by, what we can do in this case is to get from you a list of sentences in English you would like to learn, have them translated and recorded into Polish. Then, you can listen to the phrases from a CD or email file and read what they mean at the same time. We can assist you further during the actual visit through email contact as long as you need us. We price projects out based upon the word count. You can expect only as much as you are motivated to learn and memorize. Also, we are not sure how much contact you've been having with Polish language, but it has pretty difficult pronunciation.

If you are looking for standard Polish language lessons, those are usually offered as a few-week courses at your local community center or park district. In our region, for instance, those courses are available on different advancement levels usually below $200. For professional communication, we suggest that you use an interpreter.

How do I receive the translation/voice recording?

The recorded script and/or Polish translation of your text will be e-mailed to the address you provide on the contact form. We can also deliver the voice narration to you on a CD.

What is the turn-around time?

The turn-around time for translation or voice recording of up to 500 words of text may be less than 48 hours. For larger projects, we can accommodate your needs so that you will meet your deadline.

In what format would I receive the final product?

Both the recording and Polish translation of your script will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment. You can choose the audio format of the recorded file (MP3 or WAV) and the translation can be delivered in MS Word or PDF format.

If you order a translation from English to Polish or Polish to English, it will be sent via email, too.

Can I choose a speaker for my recording project?

It is possible that you can choose a lector from the sample section of our website, but it may take more time or resources to do so than with a normal procedure. For your convenience, you can always choose the voice gender of your speaker. Please let us know if the recording project needs customized solutions and we will be happy to assist you.

Is it possible that I have my Polish text voice-recorded only?

Yes, if you already have text in Polish and would like us to voice-record it, please email it to us at info@speak-polish.com and we'll get back to you with a great price quote shortly.

What is the cost of translation/voice recording into Polish?

The total cost depends on the word count and your deadline. There is a minimum order requirement of $20.00.

Is it safe to submit my credit card information through your payment system?

Absolutely. Your payment information is processed on our secure servers using the latest 128 bit encryption technology and is 100% safe. Your privacy is always guaranteed.

What is your return policy?

Because our products can be easily reproduced, Speak-Polish.com is unable to offer refunds. However, if we fail to meet your major voice recording/translation requirements, we will provide a revision free of charge.