Securing Students' Future Through Studying at College

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Is a Bachelor's Degree Worth Your Time?

Many people in today's modern world wonder if a college education is actually worth the time and effort. One of the reasons why is because people grow up in families where their parents and grandparents didn't attend college. They didn't have to. These individuals were able to obtain blue collar jobs in steel mills and automotive factories; and these positions provided the income in order to belong to the middle class. This was the case approximately forty to fifty years ago; however, this form of job security in America doesn't exist anymore. Many factories and steel mills have closed down and their jobs shipped overseas to other countries which provide cheaper labor. Automotive factories across the country have closed down in cities like Detroit and because of this thousands upon thousands of people have lost their jobs.

There are many positions be created require the applicant to have technical skills and computer skills that weren't required decades ago. According to an article in the New York Times, more and more employers are demanding that applicants to have at least a bachelor's degree even for jobs that may not require college level skill. In order for an individual to obtain a position with a good salary and excellent benefits, then the individual must have a minimal of a bachelor's degree. The new shift is that a high school diploma will no longer guarantee any individual good job security and plentiful employment. Therefore, a college degree is necessary in order for the average individual to secure a position in today's competitive job market.

Another good reason to why attending college is a good thing is because of the differences in salary. Those individuals who possessed a bachelor's degree or higher earned more than $30,000 annually than their counterparts who only had a high school education in their possession. The advantages of having a bachelor's degree versus a high school are demonstrated strongly when salaries are compared. Even in some entry level positions such as a file clerk or even a receptionist now require a college degree for applicants. The types of jobs that only required a high school diploma or less are and paid well are becoming less and less as minimum wage jobs are becoming available to those individuals who only possess just a high school diploma. These high paying manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas to countries such as India and China which offer a cheaper labor force than the United States.

The recent economic recession which occurred back in 2007 and left many people unemployed or under employed. The hardest hit people were the ones with very little to no skills or training or any form of education beyond just a high school diploma. During these challenging economic times did people really start to understand the need for a college education in order to secure the financial future for them and for their family. Therefore, despite high costs, people started to go back to college so that they wouldn't become so vulnerable or placed in such a delicate situation again when a company decides to start laying off people. The large automotive companies which used to offer a pension, a great compensation rate and excellent benefits for those who only had a high school education are no longer available. And it appears that they are not coming back. A college education is important and a great way to secure your future for good.


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